About Weddingshop

We who work with the Weddingshop.co have many years of experience and knowledge of wedding- and engagement rings, and all that through our own refiner's stores.
Our business idea for Weddingshop.co is to sell wedding- and engagement rings safely and smoothly through E-Commerce to a lower price than in the stores.

The rings at Weddingshop.co comes from Sweden and Germany’s largest suppliers of wedding and engagement rings.
We hope you’ll find what you’re searching for in a safe way in our Weddingshop.


Skolgatan 1
SE-262 31 Ängelholm
Tel: +46 431-47 88 50
Fax: +46 431-41 06 55
E.post info@weddingshop.co

Weddingshop.co have F-tax certificate.
VAT no. SE556630270801

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