Kimberly process

Gemstones can be used as a currency to finance illegal activities or wars. To stop this, the diamond industry and other organizations, including the EU, have initiated a system that controls international trade in rough diamonds. The initiative is called the Kimberly Process and means that a certification system for international trade in rough diamonds must be followed. Governments must ensure that each consignment of rough diamonds is sent in a safe container along with an individually numbered and state-approved certificate stating that the diamonds are free of conflict. Right now, about 70 countries have joined the system.

In addition to Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat, there is a fifth "C" - Conflict Free Diamonds.

Conflict diamond or blood diamonds

A conflict diamond originates from a conflict-affected area and often finances war and other nasty events. Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds, as it is also known, are mainly associated with African countries such as Congo, Ivory Coast, Angola, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Countries where conflict diamonds have been a part of funding for groups and events where people have become very ill.

Conflict diamonds and diamond industry

The Kimberley Process was started after the turn of the millennium to prevent blood diamonds from reaching unconscious consumers. The leading states where the diamonds are extracted were gathered to jointly stop the trade of conflict diamonds. Just over six months later, the countries and the diamond industry agreed on a way to control the flow from raw diamond to finished ground to us consumers.

The Kimberley Process currently has 54 members and a total of 81 countries are represented. This means that an estimated 99.8% of all raw diamonds undergo the Kimberley Process.

All our diamonds are completely free of conflict

Weddingshop guarantees that all our diamonds are completely free of conflict and we only deal with suppliers who obtain their diamonds from legitimate sources. We support a conflict-free trade and all peace-keeping activities in the affected countries.

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