The guest list and the cost of your wedding

The guest list size is the largest factor for the total cost of the wedding. But if you are worried that you will hurt people by not inviting them to your wedding, it may end with a traditional Greek wedding with over 2000 guests. Of course, you can't leave your loved ones or anyone else you think would be flattered to be invited, but didn't care if they weren't invited. For example, schoolmates living on the other side of the country that you have not seen in five years.

Your best bet to tighten your list is to make some invitation rules (you, your fiance and both families) and stick to them.

That is, for example:

  • Direct cousins, but not distant.
  • Spouses and cohabitation to important partners
  • Your boss, but not your entire office. A warning word: Do not share groups. If you can invite the gang to the office, the top. But if you can't, don't just bid one of them.
  • Friends but perhaps not familiar.

The flowers for the wedding

The first time you thought about your wedding, you saw fields of flowers, right? It's no surprise, but piles and piles of flowers can increase your costs quickly. Note that you do not have to fill each corner with flowers for a lovely look. Working with your florist to use the freshest flowers for the season is a strategic advantage, then decorate the rest of the decor with budget-friendly lights or greenery. Remember that "less is more".

If you just love flowers, check out botanical gardens in your area - there you can find plenty of flowers at your disposal.

Wedding party pre-drinks and snacks

It is a trend these days is to overload guests with everything from sushi bars to mighty tablecloths of cheese, snacks, pasta and cold cuts. But there is no reason to make this a must. Keep it simple but choose your small dishes with care, it should be appetizers not main course. This limits the amount of food you need and affects your budget in a positive direction. Just make sure you have enough food to keep your guests from getting too drunk early in the evening, if you plan to serve drinks. A beautiful display of cheese, fruit and biscuits will make success.

Wedding Party Dessert Table or not?

If you plan to have a dessert table, consider a few sweets. The wedding cake is so spectacular to offer anyway. A dessert buffet with various stations and mini glass pans is just excessive. After all, you do not want the guests to get so much candy during your wedding that they do not have the energy to get out on the dance floor!

The drinks

Talk to your food supplier to create the bar you can afford, whether it means offering only beer, water, soft drinks and red and white wines for dinner. Stick to a number of drinks and start from these options when ordering the ingredients.

The more varieties of spirits being handled, the more you pay. You save even more by shopping around and being able to return unopened bottles. Instruct serving staff not to automatically open all bottles without doing so when needed. It may be a good idea to make sure your bar closes one hour before the end of the party. You will make guests a service.

The main course

One is worried that the wedding guests will come home either hungry or dissatisfied with your choice of food. These worries have caused many brides and grooms to go in the direction of offering up to seven dishes and paying a lot for it.

If you are looking to cut costs, you can always eliminate a dish in the meal, and just serve the starter and main course. When you find a food supplier that you really trust, you can work with him to find the most economical options. Trust that quality always surpasses quantity.

A good tip is to offer wiggling: In the small hours after dance and party you can always offer something easy to consume. A safe card so that no one will be on the road hook on the way home.

Wedding invitations

Engraved or printed wedding invitations are clearly the best options, yes. As well as heavy looking envelopes, of course. But all this is very costly. Choosing an unusual color, paper or design can also increase what the invitation will cost more than you might think.

If you are a "do it yourself" person (or if you know someone who is), design and make your own invitation cards by hand or on a high quality printer. Please look online and get inspiration, with calligraphic fonts and with a little taste you can do wonders.

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