Choosing an engagement ring does not have to be a difficult experience. With the right knowledge of what to look for, this can be fun and educational - and of course, fit your budget.

We have collected some important points to consider when choosing an engagement ring for your loved one. Then you can feel confident when the big moment comes - asking the pocket of your dreams to marry you.

Terms and professional languages

Get acquainted with the terms that you will be confronted with when looking at rings. Giving the impression that you know what you're looking for will increase your confidence and help you stave off any rogue sellers.

Good to know about wedding rings:


The gemstone is the feature of the ring, usually a diamond. Sometimes the diamond is called "stone". The bigger the stone, the better according to many, but it is more important to go after your girlfriend's personality and taste rather than adopt this. The gemstone need not be a diamond, but the reasons for the deviation from this should be thorough.


The attachment refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the rail. The attachment can be "laid-out" or "invisible". Some rings combine a platinum setting with a gold band to increase the background color of gold and the contrast in lack of diamond toning and the strength of platinum. An attachment with a bezel, or at least six pins for some redundancy, may be safer for a ring that is likely to be worn under significant activity.


The rail is the circular part of the ring that sits around your finger. They are usually made of gold, silver or platinum, although it can be made from any other combination of metals. Gold is yellow-orange in its natural state and is normally alloyed with another metal for durability. Some prefer the lighter yellow color of less pure gold such as 14K or 9K. "White Gold" is gold alloyed with metals intentionally to give the mixture an off-white color and must be coated with another metal - rhodium is common - for a light silvery appearance. Platinum is hard, strong and naturally silvery.

Find out her taste

If you buy the ring without her, it will be harder to choose because the ring is a surprise. However, keep in mind that nowadays many women prefer to be part of a joint decision to buy rings, so if you find it difficult to know her style and taste, give a temporary ring and tell her that you should choose the right one. together.

Ask questions about rings in general. If you go past a jewelry store pretend to be interested in example a watch. A little nonchalant add a comment about ring styles, that you like a certain type and ask her what she thinks.

Other ways to get her talking about engagement rings are to comment on a friend's engagement ring and ask for her views at the same time.

Ask her family for ideas. It depends on whether you want them to know before she does, of course.

Another trick is to help her friends, that they take her into a store to ask her "fun" what she likes.

You must definitely have confidence in them to keep quiet and to cope with this. It is not a good option if you prefer to keep quiet until the time when you propose.

You can also always start from her taste from the clothes she wears and her existing jewelry. A great way to know if she likes ordinary, finer, patterned, large or small statements fashion. Is she traditional, classic or modern? Use what you know about her style to your own advantage.

Organize your budget - How much

In Sweden, one has in the past had a tradition that says that the wedding ring should be like a life insurance, that a possible widow could manage with the help of the ring. Regardless, it indicates that the value of the ring has some significance. What counts, however, is that you choose a ring depending on what you can afford, so have a good idea of ​​the amount before your search begins.

Let your ring supplier know your price range so that he or she can display a variety of rings that are within this range.

Keep in mind the possibility of an engagement ring being adapted. Talk to the supplier about price options, delivery times and the styles that are possible.

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